7th heaven tea tree peel off mask

Lately I've no desire to write and its getting harder to create something so I decide to write when I want it. Today, I review peeling face mask that  reduces pores and revitalizes the skin. The mask package is charming and playful. When you open the package, you will feel a refreshing smell  and the consistency is gel like, sticky and light green color. After the mask is applied, you need to wait. While waiting I felt refreshing smell and cooling effect. When peeling it does not hurt and it peels off really easily.  After the face mask skin becomes soft, have more elasticity and pores become less visible. Overall  the effect of the mask surprised. It peeled off easily and without pain, also it does not remove clogged pores just make them smaller and less noticeable. 


Pastaruoju metu nebetutiu įkvėpimo ir rasyti darosi sunkiau todėl rašau tada kai norisi. Šiandien apžvelgsiu nulupamą veido kaukę,  kuri turi sumažinti poras ir


rolanjona feet mask

Hello everybody, I want to share my first impressions of testing the feet mask, which helps to get rid of the hard skin. That's why I ordered it from eBay. It traveled about 30-35 days (somewhat late delivery). I was looking forward to trying it out but the testing delayed to the lack of free time. It is impossible to understand the description of a mask, because everything is in another language (as you can see there is no English translation). Therefore, it was necessary to look for it on the Internet, where it is indicated that, at least 10 minutes before using the mask, immerse the feet in warm water, after that you need to leave the feet mask for 90-120 minutes (that's a lot of time which surprised me), and after the mask you need to rinse with warm water your feet and the skin should peel off in 1-2 weeks period of time. It's a package like most masks, after opening there is a pleasant scent that I really did not expect. The foot mask looks like an extra large pair of socks with no elasticity. The package contains one pair of such socks. In the long waiting time, it did not feel anything unpleasant however it felt like it took ages. After use,feet seemed soft. A week later, the legs did not start to peel off, but the heel skin where there were tougher skin the hardening became softer, so I decided to soak my feet and scrub them. After this step, it took a few more days, but there was no peeling off of the skin. Overall it disappointed me because it did not work as I wanted to, but it softened the hard feet skin which made it easier to scrub it of.


visi, noriu su jumis pasidalinti saco pirmaisiais įspūdžiais išbandant kojų kaukę, kuri padeda negyvai odai nusilupti. Tai gi savąją užsisakiau iš ebay. Keliavo ji apie 30-35 dienas


Mary kay botanical effects first impression

Today I want to share my first impression pn botanical effects by Mary Kay sample size product trio. I was invited to make up lesson where they gave me this trio as a gift to try out . This trioconsists of 3 products:
Cleansing gel
Refreshing toner
Moisturizing gel 

First of all I will start with packaging, they are so cute and beautiful and pink. Perfect for traveling, because it took me even a week to use up. All products have a mild smell that I liked.

Šiandien noriu su jumis pasidalinti savo pirmaisiais įspūdžiais apie Mary Kay Botaicak effects. Tai gi šias priemonių mėginėlius gavau makiažo pamokoje, kurioje pasiūlė pabandyti šios kompanijos priemones. Tai gi šį komplektuką sudaro 3 produktai:


Panda face brightening mask by bioaqua

Today I want to talk about another face mask that I bought from ebay. This mask traveled  about a month. The packaging is simple, minimal and cute. The mask itself is a sheet, so it will be easy to use, with a lightweight and pleasant smell when you open the package. The mask is a lightweight material, so masking time wont be long. And the mask itself is not plain because it has a panda face on it! That's why it's great to have fun with your friends and enjoy those moments. The mask soaked in essence. Therefore, it was a bit more complicated to unfold, but after everything was great, the size of the mask was ideal and perfectly fit my face. After using the mask, the skin is moisturized, soft and has the healthy skin glow. Really recommend! And the price is just awesome!


Šiandien aš noriu jums papasakoti apie dar vieną lakštinę veido kaukę, kurią pirkau iš ebay. Ši kaukė pas mane keliavo apie mėnesį.  pakuotė paprasta, minimali ir miela. Pati kaukė yra


Beautyexpo ir sveikatos dienos 2018

Hello, as you probably know, I have visited the Beautyexpo2018 and health days 2018 exhibitions that took place on February 23-25, 2018 in the Kaunas Zalgiris Arena. So, I want to briefly tell my impressions about my first visit to this kind of the exhibition, although I did not have as much time as wished to check everything in the whole exhibition, but it really left an impression. So I will start with  beautyexpo, which appeared to me as smaller than i imagined it to be, but had a great choice for cosmetic lovers. Unfortunately, I did not buy anything, because just checked most of the stands for me most impression did Cascada and another stand in which products  were meant for hair. It was a good day for me because I managed to get my a skin condition test, which was free for my amazement. Also, the Egles sanatorium stand was simply occupied because they presented their services (it was a pity that I could not make any use because our seniors had simply occupied the entire stand and even lines were created in order to wait for your turn). There were also representatives of organic products from which the representatives of the Italian company, who do not even sell in Lithuania and have a shop in Latvia only, are the most memorable! Summing up, I am very pleased that I had the opportunity to visit these expo's even for a short time .


Sveiki, kaip jau turbūt dauguma žinote man teko apsilankyti Beautyexpo ir sveikatos dienos parodose kurios vyko 2018 vasario 23-25 dienomis Kauno Žalgirio arenoje. Tai gi noriu trumpai papasakoti savo įspūdžius apie savo pirmąją tokio pobūdžio apsilankymą parodoje, nors laiko neturėjau tiek kiek norėjosi skirti visai parodai, tačiau